Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shaken or stirred? Learn more!

Another cool webinar from ACS:
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The Chemistry of Cocktails: Bruising and Louching and Fire Oh My!

You can have them straight up, on the rocks, shaken or stirred, but you
can’t have a cocktail without chemistry. Join Dr. Darcy Gentleman for a
discussion on the chemistry of cocktails and quench your thirst for
knowledge during the Q&A. Follow up next week with part two in our
Liquid Chemistry Series with “Red and White Beer for St. Georges Day.”
What You Will Learn
  • Shaken or stirred? Is there any chemistry to “bruising” a drink?
  • Just add water: What is the mystical chemistry behind louching absinthe?
  • Aside from some whiskeys, how can fire be an “ingredient” in cocktails?
  • And much more …

Webinar Details
Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014 @  2-3 pm ET
Fee: Free to Attend
Download Slides: Available on Live Date

Meet Your Experts
Darcy J. Gentleman, Ph.D.,  uses his analytical chemistry
background as an amateur mixologist.  Full-time, Darcy
works at the American Chemical Society in its Office of
Public Affairs as a science communicator. He manages
ACS Science &the Congress, coordinates social media
efforts, and is team leader for the 2014 Chemistry Champions
#chemchamps via @AmerChemSociety. In his spare time,
 Darcy is the Director of Speaker Preparation for thirst, a
DC-based organization that engineers creativity by gathering curious
minds at events where learning is unconscious amidst all the fun.

Kathryn Verona volunteers at thirst alongside Darcy to
prepare speakers and encourage scientific discussion
in the audience. In her professional capacity Kathryn
handles the State Government and Member Engagement
programs for the Advocacy team,  and is the lead for the
Innovation and Defense Policy portfolio for the American
Chemical Society.

- See more at: http://acswebinars.org/cocktail-chemistry#sthash.ikUzautC.dpuf

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