Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sci-fi food

Intriguing article on foods from science fiction books and movies:

"ChickieNobs or soylent green, anyone?" 
The Sydney Morning Herald
April 17, 2012
In fact, ever since watching The Jetsons as a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the way ‘science fiction’ is often more science than fiction. Food is one of the writer’s favourite devices, one that immediately illustrates the culture of the time, whether it’s two thousand years in the past, or the future.

And here is a related article:

Blessed are the geeks
The Sydney Morning Herald
April 17, 2012
England's celebrated jelly-makers and architectural foodsmiths Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have seen the future. Not only that, they've cooked it. Working with micronutritionists, biochemists and nanotechnologists, they recently staged a dinner for KitchenAid in London that featured bioluminescent lollipops, insect-protein pasta and ChickieNobs.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Popcorn anyone?

Another ACS food chemistry seminar:

The Chemistry Magic Behind Popcorn

Discoveries in Mexico and Peru suggest that the earliest popcorn parties date back to cave people thousands of years ago. Undoubtedly, in roasting corn over an open fire and quickly collecting the popped kernels, the three-second rule was born. Legend has it that popped corn was first shared with the pilgrims during the first Thanksgiving. In modern times, popcorn has exploded as a favorite snack in the United States and is fast bursting into international fame. Americans consume an estimated 17 billion quarts of the white fluffy stuff every year. How has chemistry aided in making popcorn a favorite treat?
 Love these seminars!!  If you can't make the live date of April 19th, 2012 for this one, the archived version is available about a week later.  
The Q&A is always interesting since you can send in questions too.