Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another ACS webinar on food chemistry - BBQing!!

Just in time for the long weekend in Canada and the US!  A webinar on the chemistry of grilling.

Advanced Culinary Chemistry — Sizzles for the Summer

Joy of Science: Food Chemistry SeriesThe ability to control fire for cooking meat was a major advancement in human progress. Sometime in the 20th century, men gathered to brag about their barbecue prowess and “The Great American BBQ” contest was born. Depending on where you’re from, “barbeque” might even be a local sport akin to the Olympics! What’s really behind the best barbecue? Is it the perfect blend of secret seasonings, the marinating, the basting, the wood chips, or is it the chemistry? Whether you’re a BBQ Olympian or just king of the backyard patio, get ready for the chemistry behind one of the most sought after aromas in barbecue – smoke house flavor!

If you can't tear yourself away from work (or the grill) to watch and listen tomorrow, the webinar will be available later for on demand viewing.
Gorgeous cutaway of a BBQ grill
from Modernist Cuisine

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In the "because you can" category...

Scott at Seattle Food Geek just wrote a post on zapping pickles, bacon and soy sauce with direct electric current:

Awesome photos!!

Feasting with your brain

Here is a fascinating article on a different kind of culinary mastery - neurocuisine.  A chef (and neurosurgeon!), Miguel S├ínchez Romera, is opening a new restaurant in New York that offers tastes to stimulate your brain. He had already successfully owned a Michelin starred restaurant in Spain but was lured by Sant Chatwal, an Indian-born hospitality tycoon to open a New York restaurant in his new hotel this June.

His meals are a feast for the eyes which have direct connections to the brain and also are delicious, healthy and filling as well.  But at $245/meal, his food is not for everyone.  It will be interesting to read more about Romera's ideas in the future....if you can read Spanish, he has published some books already:
and here are some photos of his dishes:

Monday, June 6, 2011

magnifying magnificent food!

Cake sprinkles -
One food photographer decided to go up close and personal with food.  Caren Alpert has produced a set of unbelievably beautiful photos of ordinary ingredients incredibly magnified using scientific equipment:

If you couldn't quite make the connection between food and chemistry - these photos really help!