Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feasting with your brain

Here is a fascinating article on a different kind of culinary mastery - neurocuisine.  A chef (and neurosurgeon!), Miguel Sánchez Romera, is opening a new restaurant in New York that offers tastes to stimulate your brain. He had already successfully owned a Michelin starred restaurant in Spain but was lured by Sant Chatwal, an Indian-born hospitality tycoon to open a New York restaurant in his new hotel this June.

His meals are a feast for the eyes which have direct connections to the brain and also are delicious, healthy and filling as well.  But at $245/meal, his food is not for everyone.  It will be interesting to read more about Romera's ideas in the future....if you can read Spanish, he has published some books already:
and here are some photos of his dishes:

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