Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pulled Moose

I was visiting my parent's place and found a moose roast in the freezer given to them by a friend a couple of years ago.  So we made a moose pot roast that melted in your mouth!  I sauteed the roast first to create the unami taste with the Maillard reaction and then just added some veggies, onions and water to let it simmer all day.  With only about an hour left, I added more salt and then turnip and carrots.

The meat was very tender and could be pulled apart with a fork - Delicious!  The simple broth was also incredibly flavourful.

The trick here was the 6 hour cooking time - it allowed the collagen in the meat to dissolve so that the meat could be so tender.  The broth could also be used for a great soup base afterwards. This shows you that you do not need fancy herbs and spices to make a very flavourful meal.

Sorry, no photos - we were too busy eating...

Addendum: Modernist Cuisine did a blog post on the Mailliard reaction:

Worth reading!

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