Friday, February 18, 2011

Honey - an almost perfect food

Did you know that honey is one of the only foods that does not spoil easily?  The high sugar content means there are very few unattached water molecules so it is not a very hospitable environment for microbes.

The two main sugars are fructose and glucose.

So my first molecular cuisine experiment involved honey - Honey sheets!

 Ingredients are simple:
 1/2 cup Honey
 1/2 cup water
 I package agar agar

 Fruit to wrap

Agar agar is a wonderful gelling product - it is made from the mucilage (the gooey stuff that oozes out) of a seaweed.  It also has no calories and is high in fibre. It gels a bit stronger than gelatin so is useful in some recipes.  Some people use it to help dieting by eating less - eating a food with agar agar in it before a meal will make you feel fuller faster.

Recipe instructions (from the Molecule-R DVD):

Boil up the water, honey and agar agar powder. Then pour a small amount on a plate (like making a  pancake) spread it evenly and then refrigerate it for 15 minutes. You can then cut out a round shape on the plate and even pick it up!

Wrap your favourite fruits and enjoy!  The agar agar is tasteless so the gel only tastes like honey -yummm...

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