Friday, January 28, 2011

Edible paper for the edible inks

I should have added this to the other post but in addition to the ink you need something to print on - edible paper!
After some hunting on the internet, I did find the ingredient list for the "frosting paper" sold by KopyKakes.
INGREDIENTS: Water, glucose syrup, corn starch, microcrystal cellulose, sorbit, glycerin, microcrystal cellulose & CMC, starch syrup, locust bean gum, titanium dioxide powder, glucose syrup powder solid, methyl cellulose, potassium sorbate.
 Basically it is a sheet made up of sugar and water with some other ingredients added to give to flexibility and strength.
  • Titanium dioxide powder sounds ominous but it is used as a whitening agent (often used in toothpaste as well)
  • Sorbit is a sugar substitute
  • microcrystal cellulose & CMC and methyl cellulose are used in pills and such stuff since makes the material compressible into either pills or, in this case, paper 
There are also edible ink markers for free hand creating!

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    1. hi..your posts are very informative..i like your blog very much.actually iam interested in making edible icing sheets.could you please help me in this regard. can i have your email id that i can share my views.


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